2014 British Rally Championship

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2014 British Rally Championship

Post  Mal on Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:08 am

Just seen that the first round has been cancelled for the second year running. Mind you, I can't believe that 80 entries is not enough to run it. My god, our clubs/directors would kill for that many entries these days. It appears maybe that either the entry fees are too low or the organising committee need to look at some cost cutting measures.


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Re: 2014 British Rally Championship

Post  turn the wheel on Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:31 pm

Every Club are cutting costs and now trying to run rallys with less road milage between stages to cut competitor expence..Cutting entry fees and accommodation for marshals. Its now a real fact of life

turn the wheel

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Re: 2014 British Rally Championship

Post  CDM on Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:42 am

I have literally just read an email from ?? about the rally explaining what happened. I cant say too much on an open forum, but the entries received had paid for all the forestry commission fees. The rest of the entries would be paying for all the stage furniture, rescue units, medical, rally HQ and all the rest of the stuff that makes any rally function at all.

As their major event of the year I would suggest that the organising club are set to loose a deal of money by cancelling the event, and this could possibly have a knock effect for next year???

The stages were in very good condition despite all the rain we have had in the UK.

But yes very sad. The BRC was a top rally championship years ago, its a pale impression of what it used to be. But is any championship the same as what it was X years ago? No, of course not its all changed for better or for worse. But still it is our top National Championship and for those involved its still worth winning its on your CV. We have to get real and move on...



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Re: 2014 British Rally Championship

Post  Hampton Caught on Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:08 am

Hi Chris,

You're spot on there. Nothing is the same, everything changes and sometimes that's good, other times it sucks.... or as Rowan Atkinson once said:

'Sometimes things are finger lickin' good. Sometimes their a33-wiping bad'. And I think that's a fair assessment.

It would be superb to have the good ole days of the 80s with the fire-breathing Group B cars storming around on stages over a five day period with only a few hours sleep every few days, but that's not the reality these days. We can still enjoy the spectacle and competition under the current arrangements.

Much the same is true with the British Rallycross Championship. It's lost a round or two compared with previous years, although one of the rounds isn't even in Britain, and there aren't as many Supercars as there once were, but nevertheless, it's still a cracking championship. The European Championship is now FIA-backed, includes former F1 and rally stars amongst the competitors and has gone global..... so some changes could be for the better.  Very Happy  Just a shame that so little of the coverage is unavailable unless you pay for satellite TV packages!  pale 

Cheers, Steve
Hampton Caught
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Re: 2014 British Rally Championship

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