Group 2 WRC Cars (didn't make the podium)

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Group 2 WRC Cars (didn't make the podium)

Post  reeft1 on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:37 pm

Year Manufacturer Car Driver Venue Model Reference Manufacturers Champion
73 Opel Ascona A Frohlich Monte Carlo Schuco DNF

73 Simca Rallye 2 Fiorentino Monte Carlo Partswork 21st overall

73 Renault 12 Gordini Ragnotti Monte Carlo Partswork 15th overall

73 Opel Commodore Rohrl Monte Carlo Schuco 02776 DNF

73 Austin Mini 1275GT Goncalves Portugal Vanguards base plus Projecto Rallye 43 RP0187 decals 17th overall

73 Fiat 125S Ulyate Safari Gamma Models GMK113 8th overall - TO FOLLOW
73 DAF 55 Laurent Portugal Partswork and CJ Tavares Decals 12th overall

73 VW 1302 S Kallstrom Portugal Minichamps base, CJ Tavares decals DNF

73 VW 1303 S Fall Portugal Minichamps bases, CJ Tavares decals DNF

73 Chrysler Avenger Malkin RAC Atlas Touring Car base plus homemade decals 17th overall - TO FOLLOW
73 Seat 127 Selas Portugal Partswork plus decals DNF

73 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 Simonian Safari Progetto K base base plus Arena ARETK39 decals Unknown

74 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Beguin Tour de Corse Tron P88 DNF

75 Vauxhall HC Viva Magnum 2300 Sparrow RAC Oxford Base plus modified arena modelli decals 9th overall TO FOLLOW
75 Citroen GS Laurent Monte Carlo Partswork 13th overall

75 Polski Fiat 125P Stawowiack Monte Carlo partswork base plus Arena transkit TK50 12th overall

75 Triumph Dolomite Sprint Luijbregts RAC Vanguards base plus homemade decals 38th overall

75 BMW 2002 Turbo Ollier Monte Carlo Maxichamps base plus Virate Miniature decals DNF

76 Lada 2103 Brundza Acropolis Code 3 Model 6th Overall

76 Opel Manta A Andreason Monte Carlo Minchamps base plus DMC decals DNF

76 Datsun B210 120Y Kojimoto Monte Carlo Arena Modelli ARE845 DNF TO FOLLOW
77 Skoda 130 RS Blahna Monte Carlo Spark 12th overall, 1st in class

77 Autobianchi A112 Pagani Tour de Corse Best BE9479 15th overall, 2nd in class

78 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Pregliasco San Remo Partswork 5th overall, 1st in class

78 Talbot Sunbeam Toivonen RAC Partswork base plus decals 9th overall/3rd in class

78 Matra-Simca Bagheera Roland RAC Partswork plus Rallyeminiature Decals - DNF

79 Mazda RX7 Nakagawa Monte Carlo Kyosho 73rd overall

79 Opel Ascona B Cerrato San Remo Neo 5th overall

79 Audi 80 Wittman Finland Scala43 K108A 27th overall TO FOLLOW
79 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Vincent Monte Carlo partswork plus Arena Modelli ARE542 decals 26th overall

79 Citroen CX2400GTi Luc Finland Solido transkit 20th overall

79 Ford Fiesta 1600 Vatanen Monte Carlo Jemmpy 105 10th Overall

79 AWE Wartburg 353 WR Krugal RAC Realcarmodels OTL

79 Mercedes 280E Cowan Safari Whitebox base plus homemade decals 4th overall

80 Fiat Ritmo 75 Bettega Monte Carlo Partswork 6th Overall

80 VW Golf Mk1 Gti Eklund Monte Carlo Spark 5th overall

80 BMW 320i Makinen Monte Carlo Neo 45227 14th overall

80 Peugeot 505 SRD Laurent Tour de Corse Rekord base plus Rallye Miniature decals 14th overall TO FOLLOW
80 VW Scirocco Honrath Portugal CMGT43 DNF

80 Ford Fiesta 1300 Super Sport Servia Monte Carlo Detail Cars Art 504 3rd in class, 9th overall

81 Lada 21011 1.6 Brundza Finland Realcarmodels 21st overall

81 Fiat 127 Sport Molino Safari partswork 147 base modified/Arena Modelli 397 decals Unknown

82 Peugeot 104 ZS Trintignant Monte Carlo Partswork 51st overall

82 BMW 635 CSI Hermann Monte Carlo Chinese dealer edition plus Virate Miniature decals 87th overall

82 Fiat Panda 30 Galliano San Remo Brumm K004 27th overall

82 Nissan Silvia S110 Turbo Salonen Finland Bizarre base plus homemade decals 4th overall

84 Polski Fiat 126P Cygan Acropolis Arena Modelli Transkit DSQ

Saab 96v4 1.5 IXO base TO FOLLOW

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Re: Group 2 WRC Cars (didn't make the podium)

Post  newt5550 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:24 pm

Now that is an umdinger of a collection. Love them all.

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