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Post  Admin Wed May 16, 2012 7:56 pm

Sorry for those of you that posted on the thread with regards to the old forum coming back online, but I have decided to delete it.

I would like to just say a few words though.

If it wasnt for the old forum, I know I wouldnt have made so many friends and been part of a great community. So for that I would like to thank Pat for the old forum. I have to admit I was a little nervous starting this place up as I felt I needed to get the old faces from there and new members to make this place work. In my opinion, I think I have acheived this and I have to admit I feel it is better than what I was expecting it to turn out.

I have to apologise if people thought my words were harsh and in any way nasty to Andy or anyone connected with the forum. As the few people that have known me for a long time, that is not me. I have had a couple of personal problems outside of this forum and just seeing that last night was just the last straw and may have said a few things I shouldnt of. Like I say if I offended Andy or anyone then I apologise and if I ever get the chance to see any of you guys at future rallies or shows then I will also apologise to you personally.

I had a good think about this place whilst having a pint with my brother at the pub and after telling him, and asking his opinion and also reading some chapters of a book I read when I was suffering with depression last year, I realised that, really this is only an internet forum just let if go with the flow and if people want to go and post on there instead of here to just accept it. I would like to think that everyone that has signed up on here would still post as I really think we have a great community and I would like to think that as admin I let the forum run pretty good and let a good amount of banter go between everyone.

I have decided to keep the forum running, purely from the response and messages I have had from alot of people on here and facebook. They really do help and I really appreciate all your support and kind words on the forum, it certainly makes the work involved setting this place up worth while.

I would like to wish Andy and the team at the old forum all the best. I for one am not going to cause a divide between members or be different to people who post on that forum instead of here. Thats not me and like I said earlier at the end of the day its only an internet forum which I am sure Andy would agree with me.

Lets keep this place as it is, a fun, enjoyable forum to share our passion about model rally cars. I will look at a few things with regards to the forum and news about these will be made public when its all sorted.

Once again many thanks for all your continued support. Happy model collecting/building guys Very Happy



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