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RACE RETRO 2014 MG Metro 6R4

Hampton Caught
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RACE RETRO 2014 MG Metro 6R4 - Page 2 Empty Re: RACE RETRO 2014 MG Metro 6R4

Post  Simon6R4 Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:19 pm

Well, what can I say or add to what has already been said  Very Happy . Race Retro is always a great show, but this year was even better. The 6R4 model display was absolutely superb, such a large number and variety, from the prototypes all the way through to 6R4s still in current use along with good representation of Rallycross cars. The display was very well put together, congrats to the Daves for presenting the display in such an interesting and professional way.

It was really nice to meet up and chat & chat about our shared interest and exchange a few hints and tips on model building  Wink  . 

As Chris mentioned the absolute highlight of the show for me was the passenger ride Chris arranged for us in Jeff Williamson's Clubman 6R4. Having never been in a 6R4 before the experience was just fantastic, and yes Chris I still have a stupid grin on my face!!  Very Happy  Big thanks to Jeff for the ride and big big thanks to Chris for arranging it for us, definitely the highlight of the year so far for me

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RACE RETRO 2014 MG Metro 6R4 - Page 2 Empty Re: RACE RETRO 2014 MG Metro 6R4

Post  Cowley Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:40 pm

Thank you Justin, Steve, Chris & Simon - your kind words are very much appreciated! Wink I return them with equal sincerity to the latter three for their support throughout the weekend.

I'm pleased that all of our efforts were well received Chris, and also glad that the forum has gained some exposure from it in the meantime - proven by one new member joining up since hearing about this fine community over the weekend.

CDM wrote:SHMAC Model display hits the big time... Check out Classic Car Weekly 26/2/2014 page 11 there is a full report on Race Retro with a section about the model display including a photo.

Courtesy of Chris Derbyshire's scanner...  Rolling Eyes

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