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Lost models at LANGLEY HWDC

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Lost models at LANGLEY HWDC  Empty Lost models at LANGLEY HWDC

Post  Group B Models Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:10 pm

I just lost another model, send to the UK.
Usually models are send with track number (nobody insure items to UK by post office).
The track number shows the package arrive at LANGLEY HWDC , and that`s it.
First model was send in November, and never got to destination, and second one departed in January and same thing happen again.
So, to all friends of Group B Models, models are no longer available to the UK for the moment  Crying or Very sad 
Decals and small accessories will go as ussuall , as no problems have been reported.
I`m very sad with this, and cannot understand what`s happening, but I`m not the only one to have the same problems:

Group B Models
Group B Models

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Lost models at LANGLEY HWDC  Empty Re: Lost models at LANGLEY HWDC

Post  newt5550 Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:12 pm

Vitor, sorry to here of this and it is very worrying.
Firstly your package has arrived here and been scanned in at Langley. If so they are treating it as a Special Delivery item this end and should be traced with in the Royal Mail system all the way to it's destination. Either something is going seriously wrong at Langley which i can't really see as it will go to a secure area and will keep on going to secure areas in the network till it arrive's at it's destination. The only other thing is , has these missing packages been sent to the same address? Not acusing anybody of anything but this has happened in the past to myself and after a challenge to said party they turned up.
Your first port of call need to be Royal Mail customer services and state that this item has arrived at Langley and let them know the tracking number so they can investigate. It is seriously not on and Royal Mail are to blame.
Saying that all packages you have sent to me in the past have always arrived with out any problem.
Hope you get sorted soon and if you need any help i will gladly try and assist you.

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