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Rally Ireland 2025 - 2028

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Rally Ireland 2025 - 2028 Empty Rally Ireland 2025 - 2028

Post  brian Tue Jan 09, 2024 3:16 pm

Motorsport Ireland has announced the locations for the Service Parks for Rally Ireland should they get the 15m funding from the Irish Government and final approval from the FIA.
Waterford (South East), Tralee and Limerick were all in contention to host the service park for 3 years, with proposals being submitted from all three locations. A final decision was announced today that instead of one location hosting all 3 events, each location would host 1 event.

One the one hand its great to have such a strong case to (potentially) host the events, really showcasing Ireland for its great stages, scenic countryside and rallying heritage. It spreads the event around the southern half of the country giving everyone, even non fans, a chance to get involved and be a part of the event.

On the other hand, I can see some quite glaring issues which need to be addressed. 15m funding over 3 years in one location is not the same as 5m per event in 3 different locations. I can see those costs getting closer to 20m of public money before any stage is run. Maybe I'm over thinking it but Motorsport Ireland took the easy route and did not make any decision, instead they get to sit back and get the praise while the organising groups now need to revaluate their proposal and make it work for just one year.

The goalposts were moved after the ball was kicked, and for me, it leaves just a little sour taste on what should have been a great day for Rallying in Ireland.

Always interested in 1/18 Irish Decals/models

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