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Removing Tampo Paint from diecast

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Removing Tampo Paint from diecast  Empty Removing Tampo Paint from diecast

Post  Cazzo Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:36 am


I've been asked a few times how I remove the Tampo Paint from models so I thought I would stick up a video,

I use cellulose thinners on a bit of paper, you can use toilet or kitchen roll but toilet paper can break up so kitchen roll would be best,
Make sure it's plain with no colours on it, sometimes the colour on the paper can stain the models paint work,

Rip a bit of the paper in a long strip about 1inch wide and keep folding it in half (about 3 or 4 times)
Add enough thinners to soak the paper but not too much or the thinners will run over the model when you press the paper on to it,
Set the paper on to the Tampo you want to remove and press down, count to about 10 and twist the paper while pulling along to the edge of the panel you are working on,

Don't try to take the tampo off all in one go, turn or fold the paper to a clean bit and wipe over it again but just count to about 5 this time,
If there is still Tampo on the model let it sit for a for a few min's or work on another part of the model, this will let the base colour dry out and stop it from staining,
After you have got the bulk of the Tampo off you can fold the paper to a clean part and wipe off the last wee bits,

Things you DON'T want to do are touch any of the plastic including the windows with the paper OR your fingers,
Even the thinners vapor on your fingers can stain the windows,

Grab an old model and give it a go, after a few goes at it and you get use to the amount of thinners needed you will pick up the technique,

Removing Tampo Paint from diecast  Th_VID00024-20111017-1848

^ Click on the pic to see the video^

The test model I used is the bonnet of the Motul M3,
I didn't strip or remove the plastic parts or windows as I was just showing you all a quick test,
If you are having a go at this then I would advise removing as many plastic parts as you can


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Removing Tampo Paint from diecast  Empty Re: Removing Tampo Paint from diecast

Post  borbase Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:10 pm

Thanks colin this is a new thing for me i use nailremover without aceton

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