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Cork 20 Rally 2014 Model display

Ted Creedon
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Cork 20 Rally 2014 Model display - Page 3 Empty Re: Cork 20 Rally 2014 Model display

Post  newt5550 Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:43 pm

Absolutely cracking photo's. Well done to all involved for putting on such great displays. Pity something like that couldn't be done over here on a rally somewhere.

Am i correct in saying that the yellow car at the bottom left on the Cronin models is a Proton. If so i want one. Very Happy Who makes them please bounce

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Cork 20 Rally 2014 Model display - Page 3 Empty Re: Cork 20 Rally 2014 Model display

Post  JOB Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:57 am

One model I had hoped to be ready in time for the display but alas it was not to be was the Cecil Vard 1951 Monte Carlo Mark V Jag in which he finished third overall. The Neo base model is proving difficult to modify . There is a Polish guy on ebay doing lots of old Monte Carlo decals and he has just done the decals for this Jag. There are two sets remaining on ebay. I had to get him to change the decals to put the EIR plate on the rear (not GB as he had done) and include a small tricolour (Irish flag) for the front grill. I hope to have it ready now for the Irish National Championship prizegiving which is named in his honour. This is not a cheap model with the base alone costing approx 60 euro incl postage, the sunroof needs closing , steering moved, interior and probably exterior respraying, etc But it is a link with our rallying past and the Irish Jaguar Club have been helpful in getting info to enable the model be done.


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